Lista de Proyectos del Cuarto Bimestre

Cómic con Power Point con recursos de Deviant Art.
Título: Sarcastic Goodbye.
Tema: Amor y Desamor

Trailer de la futura película titulada "El Sótano"
Progamas: Movie Maker, Flash, Audacity.
Actores: Brianda, Misael o Daniel Castro

Dos Audiovisuales (música e imágenes originales)
Programas: Aviary, Photoshop, Movie Maker
Temas por definir

Continuación del Proyecto "Emociones del Ser Humano"
Programas: Audacity, Fruit Loops, Movie Maker

Video estilo Vocaloid (música original en créditos)
Programas: Powerpoint, Photoshop.

Jorge Arturo:
Video con efectos de luces
Programas: Resolume


Brianda Herrera: Proyectos del tercer bimestre

Estos son algunos de los pósters que hice para el tercer bimestre de Taller. Espero que les guste.
El programa utilizado para elaborarlos fue Photoshop.

Pósters por Jorge Sánchez

Éstos son mis pósters del tercer bimestre.
Creados con Photoshop.
Uno de ellos fue hecho para una clase.
Tres fueron hechos para dar a conocer juegos no tan populares.
Y uno más para observar qué tan avanzada es la capacidad de reconocimiento que tiene el ser humano.

Jorge Sánchez

Pósters David Rico

Estos pósters los creé como Proyecto del 3er Bimestre. Me inspire en la musica que me gusta y mi ideologia personal.


Pósters por Óscar Rodríguez

Éstos son mis pósters del tercer bimestre hechos en Photoshop. Estuve trabajando en ellos por varias semanas, mientras estaba encerrado en el sótano sin alimentos ni luz solar. Éste es el resultado de mis días de demencia. Espero les agrade.

Óscar Rodríguez


Ideas para proyectos del 4to bimestre:

IMPORTANTE: Gracias Caro por el hermoso banner del blog de Taller :D

COSAS QUÉ HACER CON POWER POINT (yes you read right, power point XD)
tomado de aquí

1. Make a comic book

Use Powerpoint’s ability to arrange pictures with captions to make a comic book. We’ve made a guide to help you out.

2. Create a great looking quiz

Use our guide to create a fun quiz with animated questions and answer reveals. We’ve made designing how the quiz looks easy, now its up to you to think of some questions to test your family.

3. Make fab photo albums

Powerpoint has some cool photo effects hidden away that can help you make photo albums that show off your digital snaps in fantastic, fun ways. Our how-to guide will show you what to do.

4. Make a great-looking timeline

Timelines are a useful way of representing stuff that happens in a sequence. We have used them for homework projects as diverse as English Lit and history and to make personal timeline posters that show key events in kids’ lives. Check out our feature here.

5. Embed YouTube video in Powerpoint

Embedding video in Powerpoint used to be a pain, but you can now stick a YouTube clip right in a Powerpoint slide. Just grab the embed code from the vdeo’s YouTube page (click the ‘Embed’ button underneath the video to get it and copy that to the ckipboard. In Powerpoint, click the Insert tab, then Video and select ‘Video from web site..’ Paste the embed code in and the video will appear.

6. Make a video from your presentation

You can save your presentation as a video file that can be played on a PC, uploaded to YouTube or converted to DVD. Just click on File then Save & Send and then Create Video. You can choose the quality/size of the video and the length of time to insert between slide transitions before saving the video as a .WMV file.

7. Add transitions to your pages

A dull presentation can be given a makeover with a few cool page transitions. Click the Transitions Tab and select More to choose from a variety of effects like Page Turning or Ripple.

8. Instant Laser Pointer

Hold down the CTRL key and the left mouse button to turn the mouse pointer into a glowing red laser pointer dot that you can use to point out important areas of the screen, or just waggle around distractingly. You can select the colour of the pointer using the Set Up Slideshow button on the Slideshow tab.

9. Insert a live web page

Powerpoint doesn’t support embedding live websites into presentations, but you can donwload a free add-in called Live Web that will do the trick. Full details here.

10. Do quick image editing without leaving Powerpoint

You don’t have to use image editing software like Photoshop to tweak images in your presentation. Powerpoint has some quite powerful tools built in. Click on an image and select the Picture Tools tab that appears. This contains buttons for Crop, Corrections (sharpen, alter exposure, etc.) and Remove Background among other effects.